X Factor 2011 Winner Is....Melanie? Chris Rene Should Really Win
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X Factor 2011 Winner Is....Melanie? Chris Rene Should Really Win

X Factor 2011 winner X Factor 2011 season 1 winner

The X Factor 2011 Season 1 winner is...... Melanie? Millions of fans including Simon thinks so, but in my eyes it belongs to Chris Rene. Tonight one of the three contestants remaining will walk away with 5 Million dollars. Will it be Josh Kracjik who gave a stellar performance with his song “At Last?” Melanie Amaro who belted and wowed the judges with her version of “Listen” or The unique and suave Chris Rene who took the fans by storm with his version of “Young Homie?”

Last night was the biggest night and final chance for these 3 contestants to give all they have. All 3 duets weren’t as good as I anticipated. However, the second song choices all blew me away. Simon Cowell was definitely impressed saying Rene’s song was a 5 million dollar song, and Melanie was the winner. It’s sure to be anyone’s game at this point. Each one has it’s own reason to win.

Chris Rene has originality, creativity, cuteness, spunk, and a very contagious outlook. Chris makes you melt when he smiles and sings on the stage to the point where you just have to love him.

Josh has that soulful raspy voice that just grabs you in. And once you hear him sing your hooked right away. Now Melanie (X Factor Winner according to many) to me is a great singer and can really rock the song choices out, but is very boring to watch. I feel the winner should have more than just a great voice.

To be the X FACTOR WINNER YOU SHOULD HAVE A VOICE, ORIGINALITY, TALENT, CREATIVITY, AND BE ABLE TO CONNECT WITH THE AUDIENCE AT ALL TIMES. Chris Renee has just that! There are way too many Melanie type singers out there in todays music world. According to dialidol Melanie had the most votes. However, everywhere I read online today people are really chanting for Josh and Chris. Will it be the underdog? Does Chris have what it takes? These answers will be revealed very soon.

Tune in tonight not only to crown a new winner, but also to watch big musical guests such as Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, Leona Lewis, Pitbull, and Ne-Yo. Personally a great duet would be Chris with Eminem, and Drew With Bieber, and Melanie with Whitney. Yes, I said Drew, because I heard the past contestants might be on tonights show just like they do with American Idol.

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Factoidz are supposed to be based on fact. Most of this is your opinion xD