The Sister Wives a Polygamist Family Reality Show Visits The Oprah Winfrey Show Today
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The Sister Wives a Polygamist Family Reality Show Visits The Oprah Winfrey Show Today

TLC will introduce us to a new reality tv family that may soon spark some controversy. This new reality show is called Sister Wives and it will follow a Fundamental Mormon family that lives in Utah and practices polygamy. Polygamy is the condition or practice of having more than one spouse at one time.

TLC's newest reality TV family, The Browns, are visiting The Oprah Winfrey Show today for an interview. The reality show Sister Wives follows a Fundamental Mormon family that practices polygamy in Utah. Polygamy is the practice of having more than one spouse at one time. This polygamist reality show has been causing some controversy however the ratings prove that the show is a hit with TLC viewers. The hour long premiere episode of Sister Wives called Meet Kody & the Wives first aired a few weeks ago and pulled in 2.26 million viewers. Sister Wives is doing better than Kate Plus 8's most recent episode despite the many viewers boycotting the polygamist reality show.

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Kody Brown is legally married to his wife Meri but he also has two other sister wives, Christine and Janelle. All together they have 13 children. Kody just married a 4th wife named Robyn Sullivan and she brings her 3 children from a previous monogamist relationship into the family. Altogether they make up a large family of 21 that appears to be functional so far.

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Kody Brown says the reason the family decided to do the show was because of the secrecy surrounding polygamy. They realize there were risks involved with sharing their lifestyle with the world but they remain committed to the show and "felt it was a risk worth taking."

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Kody Brown, the patriarch of TLC’s reality show Sister Wives, is currently under investigation for bigamy. Police in Lehi, Utah, announced they are investigating Kody Brown and his wives for possible charges of bigamy, a third-degree felony. Once the investigation concludes, the police plan to turn their evidence over to the Utah County Attorney's office for review. The Utah Attorney General's office has not ruled out pursuing a case against the Brown family, but they also stated they do not have the resources to go after polygamists unless they suspect a more serious crime such as child abuse or child trafficking.

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Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sundays at 10:00pm check your local cable or satellite listings for channel and showtimes.

The Sister Wives will be on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss their lifestyle, jealousy issues and how polygamy affects the children at 4:00 today October 14, 2010.

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What do you think about Kody Brown and the Sister wives? Please leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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Sister Wives is back on TLC for a second season click here for Sister Wives 2.

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Comments (23)

I have to say that it's made for some facinating television. A little off-side my personal tastes, but beyond interesting!

An interesting TV review.

Ranked #3 in Reality TV

I love this show. Nice review.

Well, you asked for an opinion, so here it is (don't hate me). I was raised Mormon, but not Fundamentalist Mormon (there is a BIG difference). Although I am no longer practicing, I still feel a little twinge when people relate the mainstream Mormon religion with that of polygamists. My family is a very tight-knit, respectable, normal family. It amazes me that these women can be okay with this arrangement. But, are they really?? This family seems to have healthy ideals and ethics, etc, but how will this arrangement affect the children? This is definitely a hot topic, and one that I admitedly have some biases about (I used to be accused of being from a polygamist family because I have eight siblings). I try my best not to judge people. If you are happy, then I think that is truly wonderful...Perhaps I have not evolved enough to be able to stifle the jealousy and lack of personal time that is sure to be created when multiple wives share one husband. I can attest, however, that that is probably the most organized household on the planet!! Just my view...

...yes, me again... I thought a little history might be in order. The original reason for polygamy being instituted in the Morman religion was not for men's carnal fulfillment. During the early years of Mormanism, the "Saints", as they have been known, were highly persecuted for their beliefs, to the extent of murder being perpetrated against the Mormen men. This religious group had to flee from town to town, city to city and state to state. They were basically driven west, trekking on foot with handcarts containing their few possesions, until they reached the uninhabited Salt Lake Valley. During this time, so many men were killed (being tarred and feathererd, outright murdered, or they died of injuries) that there were an extraordinary number of Morman widows with children left in the wake; I don't remember the exact ratio, but is was somewhere around 20:1 (women to men). So, to therefore care for these widows and also fullfil God's comand to Adam and Eve to "go forth and multiply" (kind of hard to do when there were so few men per each fertile woman), polygamy was instated. Many years (my memory fails me, but approximately 80 - 100), life for the Mormans had become less dangerous, and the need for polygamy ceased. Plus, it was still illegal. So, after much thought and prayer, the church authorities declared that polygamy was no longer to be practiced. There were, of course, some people that believed this proclamation to be false and hence continued it's practice. This break-away sect are known as the "Fundamentalist Mormans".

Katharine Spann

Although I disagree with this on a moral basis; the real question has not been asked Oprah! Cody's 'wives' are merely girlfriends which he lives with and has children (in the eyes of the law). In my town in Mississippi (23 miles from Oprah's hometown), there is a man who comes to my store often. He has 3 girlfriends who have different apartments and 11 children in all. He sleeps with a different girl each night. (and he is one of many whom we all know in such a small town). When I asked him how he supported them; he named off at least 7 government agencies which provide them with free housing, food, medical and 2 of the adults have somehow gotten disability which he says is their 'spending money'. NO ONE WORKS! Therefore, I would say that at least the polygamists are not reaching into the pockets of my family and retrieving handfuls of our hard earned tax dollars to live on. My husband has a Masters degree, but is working 3 jobs to support us. I have M.S., but am not eligible for disability because they say 'I did not work long enough before I was married to get it". I have a daughter on Chemotherapy which is 10,000.00 per month and another daughter with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. We have lost everything we own to pay the doctors, and we have to decide who is the sickest each month because we can only afford medication for 1 person at a time. And now our insurance company just told us that our premiums were going up 200.00 per month! The University where my husband works has had a freeze on raises for 4 years with no hope in sight; and I am not able to work. Does ANYONE find this a problem? So, why on earth are the police targeting this family? Is their situation any worse than the many 'situations' like I've mentioned above? Bring the police down here to crack down on these folks.

Ranked #2 in Reality TV

Thank you so much for posting your thoughts on the show. The opinions are so interesting to read, sometimes even more so than the show itself. Sharla, the backstory of how polygamy came to be is so insightful thanks for adding it. I'm sure that most people are not aware of the history of the religion, myself included, but it does make sense.

i love articles with a great discussion output, great review Rachel.

I don't feel that I could possibly add anything to this thread. I do note that 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation polygamist progeny start having serious heath issues due to (let's call it what it is) inbreeding. I do note the difference between 'Fundamentalist Mormons' and 'Mormons.' And they are not the only group that practices polygamy either..

People can do what they want, but in my opinion polygamy demeans everyone who participates in it. I wouldn't live that way for a million bucks.


First of all, I notice the wives work, but just what does Kody do to earn a living to support this illegitmate family of his?

And 2ndly, I notice Kody is fine with having all these women love him and marry him and have his children, and he wants each of them to just "deal with" him loving on other women, but how would he feel if other men loved on his wives and other men married his wives, so that his wives also have more than one husband, just as he's allowed to have more than one wife? How would that sit with him, or would he just "deal" with it, the way he wants them to have to...


I watch the show I don't know why it's interesting but I cannot stand Kody! I think he is a pig and I don't see how he can afford to support all those women and kids. Having a second or third or even forth wife is fine in my religion (islam) but it's not for pleasure. You only marry another wife if the first cannot have children or becomes ill. It is there to protect the women. Way back in the old days women needed men for support and these ways were set so if a man wanted to leave his wife he could not. So he would have to take care of all of them equally. I think he is wrong because he is doing it for pleasure. And the forth one coming it is the worse of all of them. Why would she put her kids through this. She should have tried and make it work with her first husband it could not have been worse than this situation. I find it hard to believe that those women get along. I doubt it when the camera's are not rolling what they are doing? I believe some of the wifes are going to go their seperate ways when they start making the money off this show.

Thanks for the info...

I like this even I don't watch this


WOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! Is all I can say 2 each there own way of living but how is it that they feel this is a normal way of living!!!!

Interesting, I've just started watching Big Love so this one being real should provide a new viewpoint.

Anastasia Beaverhausen

Oh Sharla...and this certainly deserved an "Oh Sharla"

Interesting how so many "MormOns" get their "facts" mixed up because that is what they are told by the "Profits" of the church...really, the true reason they stopped polygamy in the mormon church in October, 1890 was because they were told they would not be granted statehood until they did stop. Aha, and on January 4, 1896, statehood was granted! I believe that is what is called a revelation of convenience. Funny thing is, those silly mormons better get ready for their second coming, because they still teach that in their afterlife, they WILL be practicing polygamy, as has been stated by LDS Apostle Bruce R. McConkie, "God will "obviously" re-institute the practice of polygamy after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ."

Chew on that one oh ye faithful! ;)

Anastasia, this is hardly the forum for spiteful comments. I've found it much better in life to be accepting of other people and their beliefs (as do my Mormon family) than to find fault and make half-informed slanderous remarks. One does not have to condone another and their actions/beliefs to accept them.

Anastasia Beaverhausen

Again, oh Sharla!

If anyone makes a comment that is in opposition to what you "believe," it has and always is considered spiteful, slanderous, and half-informed. Well, darlin', those comments (and these) are coming from another mormon (guess I should have told you to sit down first, huh?). I am just not of the Kool-Aid drinking variety mormon clan, and I can and do read, question, and research for myself. :D

The comments I made are true! For heaven's sake, I even quoted one of the high and mighty apostles of the mormon church about the re-instatement of polygamy after the second coming. As for the reason polygamy was abolished, hun, read your HISTORY, not your BOM for the TRUTH!

Smith...any relation to Joe? Which wife do you trace your roots back to? Just wondering! ;)

I feel sorry for you, Anastasia. Such bitterness... Actually, my roots are traceable to King Charlemagne. I am of no relation to Joseph Smith.

Anastasia Beaverhausen

LOL, oh Sharla...

How you find bitterness in truthfulness, I will never know. As for your pity, save it for someone who actually needs and deserves it. My sincere advice to you would be to pull your head out of the quicksand you have been hiding in for so long and read HISTORY, not the church history you have been spoon fed since childhood, (better known as TWISTORY), but actual, fact-based history with documented events:

The first Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith, was arrested and convicted in New York and was found guilty of being a con-artist. He was a necromancer and a charlatan. This conviction was four years BEFORE he published the Book of Mormon! Court documents prove he was a convicted criminal. In spite of 140 years of silence, the records did surface. Rev. Wesley Walters discovered the documents in the basement of the Chenango County, New York, jailhouse at Norwich, N.Y. in 1971. The records, affidavits, and other data show conclusively that Joseph Smith was arrested, went to trial, was found guilty as an imposter in the Stowell matter of "glass-looking." It is not a matter of debate, opinion or religious preference. It is a proven historical fact.

I strongly suggest you keep digging, because I do not intend to keep spoon feeding you the facts about the religious cult you cling to, but I will leave you with this...


Have a nice day, Sharla....oh, and congratulations on the roots! ;)

I am reading a book called Shattered Dreams by Irene Spencer. It is all about her life as a Polygamist's Wife. Very interesting story. Not a life for everyone but she tells the story with all the pros & cons added not leaving out too much information.