Snooki's Bare Butt Pictures Are a Hot Search; Snooki Forgets Underwear Once Again
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Snooki's Bare Butt Pictures Are a Hot Search; Snooki Forgets Underwear Once Again

snooki bare butt pictures snooki no underwear

Did Snooki forget her underwear? What was Snooki thinking going out in public with a skimpy Hustler outfit on and no underwear? Doesn’t she realize her skinny body has been gone for some time now, and coverage is a must if her butt looks the way it does?

I think Snooki’s name should be change to “Skanky”, this seems to fit her better. I mean come on you have to take a look at the Snooki no underwear pictures. Not for the exposure of her butt or breasts, but for those funky red and white striped socks she is sporting with a pair of flip flops. Is this reality star going Indian or something?

I have nothing against Indians, but they are the only ones I see who wear socks with flip flops, unless this is a new fashion trend I am not aware of.

If you dare to take a look make sure your eyes are ok, because these pictures will definitely blind you. What happened to her? If you go online and search sexy pictures of Snooki in Bikini, some of them are actually really hot, especially the one picture of her in a white bikini on the website Is this what reality television does to you?

Don’t worry the Jersey Shore drama queen is not alone. There has been many celebrities who were caught with their butt exposed such as Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian,Jessica Alba, Vida Guerra, Jennifer Aniston, Foxy Brown, Lady Gaga, Claire Danes, J-WOWW, and the list goes on. What I don’t understand is, why didn’t her reality star buddy let her know she’s roaming around commando style?

Then again look at what J-WOWW was wearing, which wasn’t too nicer either. But at least her butt cheeks weren’t showing, and she wasn’t wearing those long hideous socks with her flip flops.

I hate to say it, but this poor girl has lost her 15 minutes of fame a long time ago. Yes, she does have a new boyfriend, and hopefully he already knows what her butt looks like. If not he might be in shock and run away as fast as he can. Snooki get a grip, and think commonsense. If you are going to run around half naked, make sure your packages all look good.

After people look at your pictures they might get disgusted and turn away from you. To see the pictures of Snooki’s butt head over to

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Comments (2)

OK, I didn't want to but now you made me want to look. I am off to look now.

Snooki? Hmm... She seems interesting *smile*