TLC's Latest Reality TV Series "Sister Wives" is immoral and degrading to women and marriage as a whole
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TLC's Latest Reality TV Series "Sister Wives" is immoral and degrading to women and marriage as a whole

TLC's Latest Reality TV Series "Sister Wives" is immoral and degrading to women and marriage as a whole.

Polygamy is not only illegal, in my humble opinion (who am I kidding? It's the opinion of any and every sane person living today!) it's immoral, not to mention degrading. Which is why I am one of the many people boycotting TLC's latest hit reality TV series "Sister Wives," a reality TV show about a man and his (now) four wives, three of whom are sisters.

Of the people who tune in to watch (several million, beating out another of TLC's reality TV shows, Kate Plus Eight), I'm betting most of them only tune in to watch because it's so sickening, much like a traffic accident that you can't draw your eyes away from, because it's so horendous, and not because you particularly enjoy watching people suffer. It's human nature. Not too many of us have the will power to look away.

Also in my humble *ahem* opinion, I believe TLC is only airing it for the ratings, knowing full well people's sick need to "rubber-neck" to put it lightly. Seems to me everything these days is "strictly business." Bunch of money grubbers, that's all they are! I guess it doesn't pay much to have morals these days. I'd say "values" but in watching an old episode of "The Wonder Years" on TWC's newest channel the Hub, I've come to realize that values can change with the direction of the wind. Good or bad, we get most of our values from the media, and my only hope is that the little kids watching (not to mention the Brown's children themselves living it) don't fall victim to these so-called "values" they're getting from "Sister Wives." After all, there's a reason our government makes laws. Even though some might be monetary, others are still based on ethics and morals and this one, polygamy, is immoral. It goes against the norm, the norm being that in a healthy relationship, one man and one woman can and do only really truly love (unconditionally) one partner at one point in time. Why do you suppose people get jealous? Jealousy is a very healthy human reaction. I'm not saying you should act on it, and do something drastic; however, the fact that the feelings are there signifies the human need to only share their body and soul with one partner at one time.

Personally, I think TLC's priorities are a bit out of whack on this one. How can anyone benefit (besides financially, oddly enough) watching something illegal? I sincerely hope of the millions who tune in every week to watch "Sister Wives" do it because they just can't wait for the cops to nail the Browns, and not because they condone their behavior. I regret even keeping my eyes open during the commercials, and am proud to say I have never watched a second of the show, itself. It would totally compromise my morals, and I'm not about to make TLC rich for something so cheap. Yes, cheap! How they could stoop so low, for a few measely dollars is beyond my comprehension.

To that end, here is an excerpt I read in today...

"Police in Utah have wrapped up an investigation into the Sister Wives stars for potential felony polygamy and submitted the case to prosecutors to decide whether to file charges."

Here's hoping they do, and that the Browns are brought to justice, and that TLC is an accomplice in crime (no offense to anyone!). Have you ever heard of that song by Annie Lennox, "Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves?" Well, in this case, sisters are doing it to themselves! I leave you with this...

There was a time / when they used to say / that behind ev'ry great man, / there had to be a great woman. / But oh, in these times of change, / you know that it's no longer true. / So we're comin' out of the kitchen, / 'cause there's something we forgot to say to you. / We say, Sisters are doin' it to themselves.

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