Shawntel, "The Bachelor" 2011 - Facts About Shawntel Newton of "The Bachelor" 15
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Shawntel, "The Bachelor" 2011 - Facts About Shawntel Newton of "The Bachelor" 15

Facts about contestant, Shawntel Newton of "The Bachelor" 2011. She's a funeral director who loves her job and is a top contestant in season 15 "The Bachelor."

Shawntel Newton is one of the serious contestants of "The Bachelor" 2011 vying for Brad Womack's heart in season 15. She's a lady with quite an interesting career and some uncommon facts about her.  When she made her introduction on "The Bachelor" January 3rd episode, she said:

"In my profession I meet a lot of guys...unfortunately they're not alive."

Facts About Shawntel Newton "The Bachelor" - Career

Shawntel, 25, is a licensed embalmer and funeral director, which is part of her family's business. She stated on "The Bachelor" that she'll be placed in the mausoleum next to her parents.  You can't say she hasn't thought about what happens in the event that she dies!

"If the stars are aligned, I think The Bachelor has a good chance of being buried in Chico," Shawntel said on the premiere episode about Brad Womack.

Learn more facts about where Shawntel works at this website, Newton-Bracewell Chico Funeral Homes.  One official photo of her is pictured as well as some with her family on the site.  She looks quite a bit younger and this site was discovered by "Bachelor" blogger, Reality Steve before season 15 got underway.

One of the things this "Bachelor" 2011 contestant said she'd like to be if she had the chance, is a pathologist.  She said on her ABC profile:

"I've always thought that would be an interesting job."

Facts About Shawntel Newton "The Bachelor" 2011 - Fun Facts

Shawntel has four tattoos with one on her neck, back, hip, and wrist.  Can you imagine an embalmer/funeral director with tattoos?  That's a unique visual. 

Her favorite type of music is country and raggae and her favorite book of all is "Eat, Pray, and Love" because it's so inspiring. She has other favorite authors as well such as Sarah Wise and Charles Dickens.

Shawntel Newton is admittedly loves to talk freely and said if she met a man she never met before she would just go with it uninhibited.

Newton said she would: "Introduce myself and just start talking. I'm very open with myself and love to talk!"

Watch how far Shawntel goes in season 15 of "The Bachelor" with Brad Womack. She'll intrigue him on many levels.

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very interesting article........thanks Heather

Ranked #3 in Reality TV

Great info!

I just cannot beleive they keep making this show.. I guess I am getting old.. I prefer my reality TV to be Survivor, and The Amazing Race. Any how this is a good intro for those who will be watching - I know my daughter likes it.