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Last answer by Michael Manansala 64 months ago +0 votes:
I think yes, after the fight with Bradley. more
I hope it would be the Spurs. Im not that into LBJ and company. more
I am happy for Ashley Hebert for 2011, but who win the next? Please record your predictions for your favorite candidates with some valid reasons. more
Asked by Mars in Reality TV0 answers
Last answer by Jules Orquit 65 months ago +0 votes:
Because he brought his own show, The X-Factor to the US. X-Factor now stands as a rival show to American Idol. He recently challenged American Idol to have this season's winner to go head to head with Melanie Amaro in terms of record sales. more
Last answer by Mark Feldt 66 months ago +2 votes:
It is hard to act "real" when there is a camera right in your face. The only true reality shows are the ones where the cameras are secondary. Cops is a prime example of a reality show. more
What us the make and model of Chantal's watch??? more
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Last answer by Taylor Rios 81 months ago +0 votes:
Go to and they should have a link for the show Bridalplasty - when they are getting ready to pick contestants they will provide the link to apply. It looks like they aren't looking for next seasons cast, yet, but if the network approves them for a second season, they will. You could also go to Facebook and Twitter and be a fan - a lot of reality show stars answered an ad for the show t... more
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Last answer by Christine Marie 82 months ago +0 votes:
The only information I have found is that they have not yet released whether or not a second season will be filmed.  I would suggest keeping up to date on this by checking in on the official page at: You can also participate in the message boards for any information, as well. more
Asked in Reality TV1 answers
Watched the whole show, missed the ending....... more
Asked in Reality TV0 answers
Last answer by Rachel Ellis 87 months ago +2 votes:
A week or two before the season starts the contestants are told that they were chosen to be on Big Brother. They are assigned a handler (a person who will stay with them until the season starts) and they are whisked away to a hotel where they have to stay until they are moved into the house. I think half stay at one hotel and half stay at another. The handlers prevent them from speaking to each o... more
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Last answer by Sam Montana 89 months ago +1 votes:
And there was also Roberto Alomar who played for numerous teams between 1988 and 2004. Both he and Clemente were/are from Puerto Rico. You can go to Alomar's web site and read about him. more
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Last answer by Richard Wing 91 months ago +0 votes:
Yes, there has to be a way to contact discovery channel with this type of inquiry. Good luck! That's my favorite program. more
Asked in Reality TV2 answers