Kat Von D Pregnant; Is She Really?
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Kat Von D Pregnant; Is She Really?

Kat Von D pregnant Is Kat Von D pregnant

The internet is on fire today. The biggest buzz as of right now is Kat Von D pregnant? No, Kat is not pregnant. The famous and talented tattoo artist was joking about this pregnancy.

This rumor started back quite awhile ago when Kat had to under go surgery for a cyst she had. Having the pain and cyst this can make a person look very bloated, which would lead some people to think pregnancy right away.

If you go ahead and take a look of the two Kat Von D pregnant pictures over at listown.com, they look totally believable. However, this is just another rumor going around until a well known resource says different.

When a person has any kind of stomach or ovarian cyst this can cause severe constipation, swelling in the abdominal area, weight gain,and cause fluid in the stomach area to make you appear pregnant. From knowing people with cysts and the fluid it can even cause you to have movements in your tummy that resemble a baby kicking. So be careful, because this can totally make you insane.

Kat Von D has been linked to Alex Oribison, Bam Margera, Oliver Pecker, and the last one I know of was Nikki Sixx. Kat is best known for her hit show Miami Ink, and her latest cosmetic line.

The biggest buzz some time ago was how Kat Von D did a photo shoot and covered up all of her tattoos using one of her products. If you go to Associated Content, and put this info you will be able to see for yourself how totally different she looks.

The article will tell you about about the magical concealer, and other info to follow.

How can someone joke about being pregnant is beyond me. This is something that shouldn’t be made into a joke. However, I guess her pain was so horrible, and her stomach was so bloated that she had to find some kind of comfort in order to deal with this issue.

So fans, put this old rumor to rest. Kat is not pregnant and no where near ready to become a first time mom. This rumor has been going around since 2007, and I am so sure it will keep surfacing for some time.

I just hope when Von D does get pregnant that she has a totally different outlook on it, and is ready.

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