Get to Know About Paige Wyatt of "American Guns" on Discovery
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Get to Know About Paige Wyatt of "American Guns" on Discovery

This article is all about Paige Wyatt of "American Guns." You can get to know Paige better with these facts about the 17 year old who works at Gunsmoke gun shop with her family and is doing a great job on building her career and on website Keep reading to find out more.

Paige Wyatt of 'American Guns' on Disocvery channel is known for her time on the show and has a huge fan base building fast. If you want to get to know more about Paige Wyatt, keep reading this article. I have spoken to Paige on the phone and over email several times to get the best information on her for her fans.

Here are some great facts about Paige Wyatt:

  • Paige Wyatt is only 17 years old, but graduated from high school early in December of 2011.
  • She has her own website where she has posted clothing and pictures of herself to sale. She plans to have new stickers and pictures going up on the site soon.
  • Paige is scheduled to do her next photo shoot with a cowboys and Indians theme. You will be able to get her pictures on the site.
  • She stays busy working at Gunsmoke in the gun shop with her family.
  • Paige just helped make a Zebra striped gun from start to finish. She worked on every bit of it and is looking forward to helping build another gun soon.
  • She has an older brother Kurt. He works in the shop and does all of the engraving at Gunsmoke.
  • You can follow her on Twitter at @thepaigewyatt. She talks to her fans here and keeps them up to date on her life and the show.
  • Paige Wyatt loves fashion. One of her favorite things to wear is a simple sundress. She doesn't get to wear this stuff on the show though. Paige isn't really into certain designers. She just likes to pick out what looks great and wear that outfit.
  • She has no plans to go to college at this time. She has her high school education and her career is already moving fast. She would love to do more modeling in the future.
  • She carries a Colt .45 1911 Defender. Paige says that she doesn't give her guns names because that would make it harder to sell one when she is ready to move on to a new one.
  • She uses a Galco holster because it works great and looks good too.

"American Guns" airs new episodes each week on the Discovery channel. They are still working on filming season 2 of the show. If you are a fan of the show, make sure you watch new episodes each week. If you miss one, they always show repeats throughout the week.

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