Emily, "The Bachelor" 2011 - Facts About Emily Maynard, "Bachelor" 15 Contestant
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Emily, "The Bachelor" 2011 - Facts About Emily Maynard, "Bachelor" 15 Contestant

Facts about "The Bachelor" 2011 contestant, Emily Maynard. Learn cool things about Emily and what she's all about.

Emily Maynard isn't just one of "The Bachelor" 2011 season 15 contestants, but may very well be the sweetheart of Brad's second appearance on the show.  She's endearing to "Bachelor" fans and stated a few facts about herself on the show's opener Jan. 3.  However, there are some very interesting facts about Emily Maynard that were left out on her introduction on "The Bachelor."

For those familiar with the NASCAR world, Emily is famous for being engaged to NASCAR driver, Ricky Hendrick. The two got engaged before he was tragically killed in an airplane crash in 2004 while he was on his way to a Martinsville, Virginia race.  Days later she learned she was pregnant.

For starters, Emily Maynard's birthdate is Feb. 1, 1986. She currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina but grew up in Morgantown, Virginia.

Facts About Emily Maynard of "The Bachelor" 2011 - History with Ricky

Emily met Ricky when they were in West Keys, Florida back in 1999.  The two discovered their parents were building homes next to each other and the rest is history.  On June 25, 2005, she gave birth to Josephine Riddick "Ricki" Hendrick.  Emily remains close to the extended Hendrick family over the bond she formed through her deceased fiance and the child she had.

Facts About Emily Maynard of "The Bachelor" 2011 - Emily and Ricky's Daughter

Emily's 5-year-old daughter is named Josephine, but she's affectionately called "Ricki" in honor of her late father. Mother and daughter live in the same Charlotte home which Emily shared with Ricky.  She grew up in West Virginia and said when it comes to being a country or city girl, that her father would disown her if she wasn't willing to get a little bit dirty.  Like any woman with a girly side, Emily adds that she must have some luxuries of city life living in the country. Very important!

Facts About Emily Maynard of "The Bachelor" 2011 - Emily's Media Appearances

Emily Maynard has done several media appearances on behalf of NASCAR.  She did a podcast in 2006 for the Speed channel called "Emily on the Scene." It aired during the Daytona Speedweeks in February.

Emily has also hosted "Three Wide Life"  which is a show about racers and racing of all types - stock car, dirt, open wheel, or anything else.

Facts About Emily Maynard of "The Bachelor" 2011 - Fun Trivia

Maynard has 2 tattoos - one on the wrist and one behind the ear. She can't live without music and sunscreen.  She refuses to get wrinkles.  Good luck on that one!  Another thing she loves is Diet Coke, but admits she drinks too many of them.

The 24-year-old is an event planner for a children's hospital.

Emily loves the 4th of July because of gathering with family on the lake and enjoying good times outdoors.

See photos HERE of Emily Maynard

Brad Womack was swept away by Emily Maynard on the first episode of "The Bachelor" 2011.  He commented on her accent and stunning beauty immediately at the "meet and greet."  It won't be surprising for Emily to go far in season 15 as Brad looks for true love.  If she doesn't win Brad's heart in the end, will she be the next "Bachelorette" for 2011?

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