Chantal, "The Bachelor" 2011 - Facts About "Bachelor" Contestant, Chantal O'Brien
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Chantal, "The Bachelor" 2011 - Facts About "Bachelor" Contestant, Chantal O'Brien

Facts about "Bachelor" 2011 contestant, Chantal O'Brien. Learn what there is to know about Chantal.

Chantal O'Brien who will be on "The Bachelor" in 2011 competing for Brad Womack's heart, has some juicy facts worth getting to know!  Did you know she was once married to Jason Vena, former lead singer of Acceptance? They were married between the years of 2005 and 2009. It's pretty clear from Reality Steve that this lady goes very far on "The Bachelor."  What else can we learn about this vibrant contestant?

Facts About Chantal O'Brien of "The Bachelor" 2011 - Family

Chantal's father, Mike O'Brien, was once on the Seattle Seahawks football team and he now owns a northwest business called, O'Brien Auto Group.  Office chains are located in Washington and Oregon state.  Chantal works as her dad's executive assistant in the corporate office and obviously had to take quite a bit of time off to be on "The Bachelor." 

Billie Jo O'Brien is Chantal's mother she also a younger brother named Connor.  She and her family are residents of Mercer Island, Washington.

It has been speculated that Chantal is adopted or Billie Jo's daughter from a previous marriage, according to an old report on Mike O'Brien, but no facts have been concrete on that front.

Of course, Chantal's pets are considered family as well!  We can't leave them out.  From her "Bachelor" profile, the 28-year-old contestant loves her two cats and dog. Both cats are Birmans and her dog, Boca, is a Pomeranian.

Facts About Chantal O'Brien of "The Bachelor" 2011 - Education

On the cerebral side of things, Chantal's favorite author is James Patterson and enjoys using her e-reader for reading books.  Chantal is a graduate of the University of Washington.

Facts About Chantal O'Brien of "The Bachelor" 2011 - Fun Stuff

It's easy to know who Chantal is when you watch "The Bachelor" promos. She's the first contestant out of the limo during the "meet and greet" scene in which she slaps Brad as a favor to every woman in America.

Chantal is a fan of body art, sporting one tattoo on her right ankle and another on her lower back. Wonder how much of them will be seen on camera?

When Chantal was having such a great date once, she told ABC in her profile, "There was a date where we were having so much fun that we kept finding more stuff to do because we didn't want it to end."

A lot of women can relate to that!  Who wants something good to end when it's going so well?

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very nice and informative......thanks

Dotty Coon

Why can't I find anything in depth about Emily Maynards family? Neither Brad nor we have met them yet . . .