Big Brother 12 Secrets, Updates, Previews and Spoliers for CBS BB12
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Big Brother 12 Secrets, Updates, Previews and Spoliers for CBS BB12

The reality show Big Brother 12 is coming soon. Here is some information about what to expect to get you ready for BB12.
Big Brother 12 executive producer Allison Grodner always keeps us guessing up until about a week prior to the season premiere. What she has clarified is that the house will be decorated around a Summer theme. There will be somewhere between 12-14 houseguests this year. The challenges are said to be more challenging than ever before. The usual type-casting ie: pretty girl, jock, older person, etc. will be very different. Grodner says that she has found some people from different backgrounds that have personalities that have never been in the BB house before. The show premieres in just less than a month. I will keep you updated throughout the season.

Usually the first tidbit of info Big Brother will share with us is a peek inside the "Beach themed" house. This should happen in a week or so. They may also tell us about the twist(s) at this time. In the past Big Brother has always released the pictures of the houseguests along with a short bio or video one week before the show starts, So expect that to happen around July 1, 2010.

It is rare when it happens, but occasionally a houseguest slips up and blabs about being accepted to go on Big Brother before they are sequestered with their handler. This has already happened with someone from this season, Shantrice Wilkerson spilled the beans on Twitter immediately after Big Brother called her to say she made it. Not sure if she blew her chance by letting the info slip but it's a good possibility. 

Big Brother 12 will be returning to CBS and Big Brother After Dark has been renewed as well. The summer's ultimate reality show premieres in exactly one month. This will be the fifth time Showtime will air the daily, live, uncensored feeds. Big Brother After Dark has nearly quadrupled the average number of viewers that Sho 2 usually attracts to the late night time slot.

You can catch Big Brother After Dark on Showtime's channel SHO 2 seven nights a week for three hours (12:00-3:00 AM ET/PT) beginning July 8th.The all new cast has already been chosen but they have not released any details about the houseguests just yet. Big Brother's executive producer Allison Grodner has said that the theme of the house this year will be a "Beach Theme". She also says that this season more of the house guests will have different backgrounds and personalities than we have ever seen before. There will be new competitions, new twists and a new weekly schedule. Julie Chen will be back to host the 12th season of Big Brother.

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Fan Favorite Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother 11 and The Amazing Race has a new gig. He will be the star of Around The World For Free. This summer Jeff Schroeder departs for his trip around the world with nothing more than a backpack and the help of an online community.

This time Jeff won't be with Jordan his girlfriend that he met on Big Brother. Though we have heard that they are still a couple.Where he'll go and how he'll get there have yet to be determined, but at least he won't be alone. Fans can follow along every step of the way, offering tips, travel photos and even a helping hand.

Sign up now for Around the World For Free updates and we’ll let you know when Jeff hits the road! CBS is behind the show but if it is like the first season then it will be only visible online and not on television. The Amazing Race winner Alex Boylan is a co-creator and executive producer of Around the World For Free. Alex traveled for 100 days. 45,000 miles and through 16 countries for the first season.

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Comments (9)

Not familiar with this but great write up

Interesting write! I have just started watching the very last BB to be made in the UK, there will be no more. I have to say I watched the fist few but then it all got very stupid, I will watch the last just because...well it's the end of an era. Most of the house mates look like celebs. A katie Price, Dannii Minougue and david Beckham are in there although the David Beckham flew from Australia just for the auditions and go on!

I'm with Lisa, just started watching the last one in the U.K. The best one I watched was 3 years ago and I agree again it did begin to get a bit over the top. Great write!

As trashy as this show is my family all love it. AND thanks so much for telling about Jeffs new show.. he was my daughters favorite from last season, and The Amazing Race!

Interesting information

I have always liked Big Brother... can't wait for it to start in July.

We have a version here in the Phil... but not as juicy as this one. No offense my countrymen :( Good info.

I have a slight idea about this show but I've heard the word many times among friends.

Interesting article. Thanks for sharing.