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TLC will introduce us to a new reality tv family that may soon spark some controversy. This new reality show is called Sister Wives and it will follow a Fundamental Mormon family that lives in Utah and practices polygamy. Polygamy is the condition or practice of having more than one spouse at one time.
Published by Rachel Ellis 106 months ago in Reality TV | +28 votes | 23 comments
If you want spoilers on 'The Bachelor' 2012, you are in the right place to find out who Ben Flajnik picks in the end!
Published by Mandy Robinson 90 months ago in Reality TV | +4 votes | 12 comments
The reality show Big Brother 12 is coming soon. Here is some information about what to expect to get you ready for BB12.
Published by Rachel Ellis 110 months ago in Reality TV | +28 votes | 9 comments
Every Tuesday at 9:00 pm National Geographic presents a new episode in their series called Doomsday Preppers. The people presented are individuals in cities, towns, and rural areas all over the United States who believe in being prepared for a major catastrophic event. These individuals are preparing for various doomsday scenarios.
Published by Pat Bartels 88 months ago in Reality TV | +13 votes | 8 comments
The auditions continue on American Idol and a list of the probable top 40 American Idol contestants has already been leaked. Below are the top 40 singers who will be making it through the grueling Hollywood round of auditions that begins on February, 16, 2011 from 8-10pm.
Published by Rachel Ellis 102 months ago in Reality TV | +22 votes | 8 comments
American Idol Season 11 has finally come to the end. It was a season full of shocking moments and drama as many favorites were ousted from the competition. The final two were Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez. Many were dismayed with the results as power belter Jessica did not get the title. But as many says, the title does not guarantee great success in the music world. So how many runners-up in the competition are now respected singers? Here is a run-down of the runners-up in the eleven sea...
Published by Guimo Pantuhan 85 months ago in Reality TV | +19 votes | 7 comments
"Escape Route", NBC's latest reality show offering is really a long product-placement for Ford, disguised as an internet-based Reality TV competition. Other products placed in the show include Zynga and an e-tablet, but I am sure there are more to come. In this case, the show has become its own Commercial. Even the JCPenny ads are more entertaining.
Published by Sy Kravitz 86 months ago in Reality TV | +4 votes | 7 comments
Group chats are popular in the television world today. The list is expanding as new TV shows such as The Revolution and The Chew recently premiered to add to the existing selection. “Group chat show” may be a more suitable term than “Talk Show” as panelists, rather than a single host, discuss topics during each show.
Published by Christy Birmingham 88 months ago in Reality TV | +10 votes | 7 comments
Paula Deen's son, Bobby takes famous recipes from his mother and reduces the fat and calories, but not the taste!
Published by Diane Zoller-Ciatto 89 months ago in Reality TV | +11 votes | 7 comments
Next week on American Idol we will see who makes the top 24 and who gets cut. There are a few shockers so far. A list of the top 24 American Idol contestants is being leaked out little by little. Below is a list of the American idols who made it along with a short bio to trigger your memory. Spoiler alert!
Published by Rachel Ellis 101 months ago in Reality TV | +19 votes | 7 comments
Spoilers of finalists revealed by reality source of "The Bachelor" 2011. Learn who the final four are and how far they go in season 15.
Published by Heather Tooley 102 months ago in Reality TV | +7 votes | 7 comments
Full cast list of "Bridalplasty" contestants on newest reality TV show on E!.
Published by Heather Tooley 104 months ago in Reality TV | +14 votes | 7 comments
TV celebrities we love to hate watching include Howard Stern, Gordon Ramsay, and Simon Cowell. Despite their mean appearances, the three celebrities continue to get attention in the form of hit TV shows in the US. Gordon Ramsay hosts Hell’s Kitchen, Simon Cowell is a judge on The X Factor, and Howard Stern sits on the panel of America’s Got Talent.
Published by Christy Birmingham 82 months ago in Reality TV | +16 votes | 6 comments
If you want to know the final two girls on 'The Bachelor' 2012 and who Ben Flajnik picks you are at the right place.
Published by Mandy Robinson 90 months ago in Reality TV | +6 votes | 6 comments
If you miss Stacie Francis on the X Factor, read on. It almost seems like Astro was rewarded for his tantrum.
Published by Charlene Collins 90 months ago in Reality TV | +9 votes | 6 comments
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