Are We Captives Of Late Night TV Snobs
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Are We Captives Of Late Night TV Snobs

A stand against being forced to accept propaganda politically motivated television platform that should be canned and sent to Mars along with Curiosity and Rover, and all media is the with Medea mongoloid monosyllabic morons who want us to feel there pain. Like Conan, they can feel their own pain and let their own communties care for them. We pay for entertainment not to get a soapbox syllogism from thugs who want others to pay for there lack of personhood or common sense.

Some of us like staying up late and watching television.  For the past ten years, we have been forced to watch late night show groupies acting like persons we are supposed to know but can't tell about.  The end result is that we are either forced to watch movies or listen to mumbo-jumbo jabbering from utterly obnoxious humans.  Here is a review of Conan, the cross between a female and her husband all in one person.  I think his act is wearing thin for all of us.  Can we take back our televsion shows and put the evil witch Medea where she came from a Troy that has long since DISAPPEARED.

The late night show personality known as Conan is dull, obsequious and thoroughly unprepared.  His entire show flattens to a soggy oatmeal mess right after his obnoxious leap into the air where he presumes we are all eager to embrace the self absorbed delinquent who is obviously playing the part of a girl wearing a suit.  His show is fit only for those who have not had a full meal since a need to evacuate one's stomach will be evident right after his shtick, the leap or was it a jump? One can only surmise that the matter with Conan is that no one else matters.  His guests are only appendages to his self inflating ego.  His co-anchor looks and acts like an abused spouse.  His audience is staring, glassy eyed into the cameras as if afraid of offending Big Brother 1984 in the flesh Conan.  His dialogue must be written by his own mother since they lack a beginning and a middle and most people who watch are secretly saying and an END.  Who can compare to the self supporting wit who tantalizes us all by peering wide eyed into the camera and weasel like duck walking out of the set.  That he has a show at all is only due to his name Conan.  He must have been named by his mother after she had given birth to multiple belches watching Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the porn king Conan the Barbarian.  It is quite clear that Conan perceives himself to look like Conan the Barbarian and therefor assumes like Big Brother Outta that we do to.

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