3 TV Celebrities We Love To Hate
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3 TV Celebrities We Love To Hate

TV celebrities we love to hate watching include Howard Stern, Gordon Ramsay, and Simon Cowell. Despite their mean appearances, the three celebrities continue to get attention in the form of hit TV shows in the US. Gordon Ramsay hosts Hell’s Kitchen, Simon Cowell is a judge on The X Factor, and Howard Stern sits on the panel of America’s Got Talent.

There are TV celebrities who have mean online personas. Despite their mean appearances, the celebrities continue to get attention in the form of hit TV shows. Three stars we love to hate are Gordon Ramsay, Simon Cowell, and Howard Stern.

Gordon Ramsay

UK chef Gordon Ramsay hosts several US-based television shows, including Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen. On Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s words are often bleeped out on cable television as he is disgruntled with the food prepared by the two opposing teams of chefs who compete for the season’s main prize.

Watch Gordon Ramsay throw entire dishes in the garbage, including the plates, while swearing at the contestants. He has told chefs to leave the kitchen in the middle of dinner services and his outbursts at what he deems below-standard cooking have sent many contestants crying or angry at the celebrity chef.

Despite his aggressive mannerisms, Gordon Ramsay is a hit on the television circuit. According to the Chicago Tribune, six million viewers tuned in for the episode July 17, 2012 (Nielsen ratings). Add in the 6.1 viewers overall that watched the episode of Ramsay’s Master Chef that followed that night and we see Ramsay is popular despite or because of his antics. He is a celebrity that we love to hate watching on TV.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is another popular celebrity we love to hate. He is well-known for being a talent judge on the TV shows The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, and American Idol.

On American Idol, Cowell sat as judge for the first season in 2002. He remained on the show until 2010. He is well-known for being brutally honest to contestants on the show. Comedian Dane Cook said on the 2010 finale show, “You have the honesty of Abe Lincoln and the charm of the guy who shot him.”

Britain’s Got Talent contestant Emma Czikai started a lawsuit against Simon Cowell and the show in 2010 after he commented on her version of Josh Groban’s song “You Raise Me Up”. Simon Cowell said, “With all due respect, Emma, it’s a beautiful song if you’re not singing it.”

Despite his love-hate relationship with TV viewers, Cowell left American Idol to start his US version of The X Factor. The television show received high enough earnings that 2012 will see the airing of the second season in the US.

Howard Stern

The show America’s Got Talent got a face-lift in 2012 with the addition of radio personality Howard Stern to the judging panel. The Howard Stern Radio Show, with Stern at its helm, is known for his outrageous comments. He now he sits on America’s Got Talent each week.

To have made the popular TV series, producers of the show must have thought Howard Stern has a devoted fan base and would improve ratings. As the first season with Stern is still in progress, it is too early to tell by ratings just how much we love to hate him.

TV celebrities we love to hate watching include Howard Stern, Gordon Ramsay, and Simon Cowell. All three personalities have achieved huge fame from their public remarks, which may be viewed by the public as mean or inappropriate. Let’s wait to see how the celebrities fare in their TV careers and tune in for the next episodes!


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Comments (7)

Good one Christy, over time I have grown used to Somon Cowl and Gordon Ramsay. At first I particularly could not stand Gordon Ramsay, whilst I always respected Simon cowls' comments

Maybe I am strange, but I like all three of these guys.

Nice, but you missed the most reviled little piggy of a man in Storage War's Dave Hestor!

Great article... I love Gordon Ramsay... he's a baddie with a big heart, but Simon Cowell? X factor can keep him (although my Mother loves him!).

Awww...good one Christy!

I don't know more about it.

I absolutely love to LOVE Chef Ramsay... and I love to hate Howard Stern .. Simon Cowell has become boring after all this time